• Dali CALLISTO 2C

The IFA 2017 show in Berlin marks the world premiere of the new wireless DALI CALLISTO speaker system, which merges the virtues of traditional Hi-Fi with clever innovative technologies.

The perception of Hi-Fi is changing!
Navigating complex electronics and hassling with cables is alien to many starting out in Hi-Fi today. They seek the pure enjoyment of listening to their favorite music on high quality speakers, but are struggling to find systems that fulfill their passion for high quality audio and at the same time offer the convenience they have become use to.

Our new wireless DALI CALLISTO speaker system is specifically made to bridge this gap by fusion the virtues of traditional Hi-Fi with clever innovative technologies. 

The wireless speakers connect to an essential part of the system, the DALI Sound Hub, via a 24 bit/96 kHz connection. A multitude of standard inputs – all with auto detect – ensures that any audio device can be connected; be it via Bluetooth, optical, analogue or coax. The Bluetooth remote will reach the Sound Hub even if it is hidden away in a cabinet. All the user has to do is press Play.

Every part of the speaker system is created by DALI. In our continued quest to improve quality control, tolerances and audio quality, we now often manufacture in-house. This has allowed us to design and develop woofers and tweeters alongside the amplifier to create the perfect match. By controlling the entire signal path, we have managed to design the drivers in a way that is just not possible in traditional passive speakers.

The speakers are designed around a 6½” wood fibre woofer with an advanced SMC magnet motor system and a hybrid tweeter module (in both models) consisting of a 29mm ultra-light-weight soft dome tweeter and a high-performance ribbon tweeter. The drivers are fed by a powerful dual channel 300W Class D amplifier connected directly to the drivers. Delivering a transparent, detailed, coherent and well-timed audio experience above and beyond anything else available at this price point.

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